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About Our Founder
Karl Engvold has been involved with computer technologies and the computer industry since the early 1980's specializing in areas of the personal computer, computer graphics and artificial intelligence. It is this passion that carried Karl through to earning a degree in computer technologies at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Since receiving his B.S. in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Karl's work has carried him through careers at IBM, Motorola and at large consulting companies working on contracts with Fortune 100 clients. Karl's most recent work experiences have been working in technology companies being responsible for establishing and growing the computer technology development organization and their products into a viable and long term product.

Karl has had extensive experience in understanding and working with the latest technologies and providing critical architectural and design decisions for all of the work he has accomplished in these careers. Karl's familiarity with owning and running an organization in the computer technology industry makes him a valuable contributor to MultiMedia Consultants International in understanding not only how to run our business, but understanding how our clients run theirs.

Since founding MultiMedia Consultants International, Karl has participated in many areas of the technology business environment varying from operations of a business to the architecture, implementation and support of hardware and software products.

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